Friday, 21 July 2017

Years 6's Last Day

It is the last day at primary school for the year 6's, they are looking forward to it
and they will also miss Northrepps Primary.
Goodbye and good luck guys!

Here are some photos

 Yr 6: Giggles
 Yr 6: Mischief and blogger
 Yr 6: Brains
 Yr 6: Tall one!

These photos are some of us having fun these past few 
years with the rest of our class mates!

Sports Day 2017

On the 19th of July Northrepps Primary School and Pre-School had 
their sports day and all of us put as much effort in as we could,
We had an egg and spoon race, sack race, running race, water relay and normal relay, here are some photos 
enjoy :)

 The sack race
 Running races
 Egg and spoon race
 Another running race
And the relay race

Friday, 7 July 2017

Forest School Afternoon Tea

Yesterday afternoon we had a special type of afternoon tea.

We decided to incorporate it with activities we have done in our Forest School sessions to show the parents some of the things we get up to during Forest School.

We put the chairs out in a semi-circle in the playground as it was lovely and warm outside.

We brought out tea, coffee or juice to the parents.

We lots of beautiful cakes and biscuits.


There was a tombola with lots of delicious treats!

One of the activities outside was bubble wands.

The bubble wands were made with string, straws and soapy water.

There was bubbles everywhere!

Wow! What a huge bubble.

The other activity that was outside was making binoculars for our teddies and making hats for our teddies too.

The binoculars were made from toilet roll tubes, tissue paper, PVA glue and string.

The hat was made from strips of coloured card, double sided sticky tape and leaves, sticks or any outdoor looking thing.

There was a game indoors to name the bear. Whoever names the bear correctly wins the bear.

Sapphire named the bear Freddie and won! Well done.

We had lots of fun at yesterday. Thank you to everyone involved!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Twitter feed

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The school Twitter account stays up to date with everything that is going on in both classes.

This includes breakfast club, school trips and after school activities.

To keep up to date follow @NorthreppsPri on Twitter

BeWILDerwood - 22/06/2017

On Thursday last week the whole school went on a school trip to BeWILDerwood.
The trip was organised by School Council as an end of year trip.

Everyone was very excited and had a great day out. By the end we were all very tired but enjoyed the day anyway.

We arrived at BeWILDerwood and we were given wristbands to show the people that work there that we have paid.

To get into the main attraction we had to go on a boat along the Dismal Dyke into the Sccaaaaary Lake.

Our tour guide was telling us the story of the Boggles and their village.

We were looking for Boggles.

We spotted something scary!

We spotted Mildred the Crocklebog!

She made us jump, some of us nearly fell out of the boat (Miss Page).

As soon as we all crossed the Sccaaaaary Lake we got caught in a thunderstorm. Luckily we all had waterproof coats. The thunder and lightening went on for a while. This meant that we couldn't go on a few things until the storm stopped.

Thankfully the storm stopped after 15 minutes and we could continue our day (we weren't going to let a stop of rain stop us).

The Wobbly Wires were so much fun, we went so fast!

Even Mrs Gray and Miss Page had a go.

Zooming down the Wobbly Wires.

Having fun going down the Slippery Slope.

Some of the slides were so high!

One slide 3 of us could go down at once.

After lunch we went to the Sky Maze - a few of us got lost (including Mrs Gray and Miss Page).

We then went back onto the boat to head back to school!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Oak Class And Pre-School Treasure Hunt

On Thursday 18th of May Oak class had 2 yr 6's and one yr 5 set up a treasure hunt for Pre-School and the rest of Oak class. Pre-School had a little bit of help from the rest of Oak class to help them find the treasure altogether on a lovely sunny afternoon. 
Here are some pictures 
Enjoy :)

 They are exploring and looking at the map where it could be...

And a very funny looking Mr Millin. :D

Monday, 8 May 2017

Oak Class Forest School

Oak class have been enjoying forest school for the past term because it has been lovely weather when Oak have there sessions 
on a 
Tuesday afternoon, 
They really enjoy having fun in the river because we have also moved base camp too because we always love going in the river on the other side of the site, so we decided to move closer. 
Here are some pictures enjoy :)

A  great big thanks to Nicola Newt

Fossil making

We made fossils using plaster of paris.

We found that the leaves with large veins worked well, the waxy leaves did not work so well.
We needed to put lots of plaster of paris on the leaves to ensure the fossils did not break..